Mavenlink’s Web Based Application Is Now Available on Google Apps Marketplace

Mavenlink LLC, creators of, an on-line interactive workplace where people
can work together and conduct business, announced its web based applications
have been added to the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google’s online storefront for
Google Apps™ products and services. Mavenlink’s apps provide a powerful platform
for the project workforce.

"Mavenlink is always looking for ways to simplify the lives of independent
professionals and the businesses that rely on their talents," says Ray Grainger, CEO of Mavenlink. "By adding Mavenlink to
the Google Apps Marketplace, we’ve made it extremely easy for Google Apps users
to collaborate and to conduct business using comprehensive and simple
transaction tools. We are excited about extending Mavenlink’s capabilities
through the convenience of single sign on to millions of Google Apps users,
integrating Google’s powerful communication tools within a sophisticated

At the core of Mavenlink’s platform is the project collaboration app,
providing a comprehensive and secure workspace for managing communications,
tracking tasks and deliverables, and sharing project files and attachments. From
the initial negotiation to payments and every step in between, Google Apps users
can privately manage every aspect of their business relationships more
efficiently than ever before.

"We are very happy to have Mavenlink in the Google Apps Marketplace," says
Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead for Google
Enterprise. "Through the Google Apps Marketplace, software vendors like
Mavenlink are helping us build a rich ecosystem of integrated apps that work
seamlessly with Google Apps, allowing IT administrators to leverage the benefits
of cloud computing and extend Google Apps to meet more of their business needs.
We are happy to offer Mavenlink to the millions of Google Apps users who have
embraced the cloud."

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 2 million Google Apps
customers to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and
related professional services. By integrating with user account and application
data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user
experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead.
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