ASUS introduces Eee Pad, Eee Tablet, and the Garmin-Asus A10 Smartphone

ASUS’ constant effort to be at the forefront of this cloud computing age has
seen it introduce a stream of portable multimedia and productivity solutions
that meet the needs of consumers everywhere. Today, it is proud to introduce a
new range of diverse products that have been designed for this ever-changing
computing landscape. Step into the future with ASUS’ array of personalized
devices that deliver on-the-fly data-sharing and multimedia capabilities with a
mark of quality and performance.

The Notepad Goes Digital with the Eee Tablet

ASUS has combined the humble notepad and e-reader to give us the
groundbreaking Eee Tablet. Designed with students and mobile business
professionals in mind; it features everything they need to get through the

With a 2450 dpi touch resolution screen, the Eee Tablet is one of the world’s
most accurate and sensitive digital note taking device, and gives the user the
feel of writing on paper.

Users can use one of the built-in notepad templates and have the option to
store, sort, tag, organize and browse through them. Real time text annotations
can also be made on-the-fly. The Eee Tablet makes reading easy, with text file
page turns taking just 0.1 seconds—nine times faster than the page turns of
normal e-readers. It remains easy on the users’ eyes even after prolonged
periods of reading.

The Eee Tablet features a built-in 2 megapixel camera that captures detailed
images, letting the user grab screenshots of lecture slides and write notes on
them instantly.

It easily syncs up with a PC or notebook via USB or Micro SD to ensure that
all notes, content, and calendars are constantly up-to-date.

With a 10-hour battery life, the Eee Tablet has enough juice for all tasks.
At the end of the day, users not only have an electronic notepad, but a media
player and e-reader as well.

Stay Perpetually Connected with the Eee Pad

Designed for the tech-savvy, on-the-go individual, the ultra-slim ASUS Eee
Pad acts as a supplementary Windows-based portable tablet PC that keeps the user
perpetually connected to the information superhighway. Social networking sites,
movies, video-conferencing—virtually everything is at the users’ fingertips.

The 12" Eee Pad EP121 is a full-featured slate computer that serves as a
multimedia player, e-reader, compact PC and Internet device. Powered by a CULV
Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system,
it handles multitasking effortlessly, enabling users to check their email and
calendars, have video conferences, and process Microsoft Word and Excel
documents simultaneously. The Eee Pad EP121 offers two convenient modes of
character input—an embedded virtual keyboard and a special docking
station-cum-keyboard—and delivers more than 10 hours of smooth, continuous

For added mobility, there’s the 10" Eee Pad EP101TC, which comes in at a mere
675g and a slim, pocket-friendly 12.2mm. Users can easily access their favorite
applications by moving them to the main desktop. The Eee Pad EP101TC runs on
Windows Embedded Compact 7—a complete toolkit with the latest Windows 7-based
technologies and tools that create engaging user experiences and delivers
connectivity to the Windows world. It provides a familiar full-featured
experience across various connected devices and cloud computing services.

Navigate the World with the Garmin-Asus A10

Garmin-Asus’ newest Android smartphone offers powerful, precise navigation
that brings people and places together. Like other Garmin-Asus Android-powered
devices, the A10 includes Garmin’s premium, turn-by-turn, voice-prompted
navigation capabilities, making it an ideal runabout companion. The A10
integrates Google Mobile Services with one-click access to Google Maps,
Gmail, YouTube, calendar, contacts and Android Market, where users can find
more than 30,000 applications to personalize their phone.

The Garmin-Asus M10 runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and allows users to move
seamlessly from work to play. It enhances the user experience and provides
access to Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which offers a vast number of Windows
phone applications for download.

The Android-powered Garmin-Asus A50 smartphone integrates Google mobile
services with one-click access to Google Search by voice, Google Maps, Gmail,
YouTube, calendar, contacts and Android Market, to expand and personalize
their phone to fit their lifestyle.


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