Apple to announce Safari 5 at WWDC 2010

We should not only talk about the new iPhone at the WWDC 2010. A major version, Safari 5 Web browser, is also expected to be announced.

The CEO of Apple will open today WWDC 2010 developers conference. The next evolution of the iPhone will be the big piece of the keynote of Steve Jobs, so that leaks about it have not failed. Times are changing for the company known for its uncompromising policy of discretion.

According to MacGeneration information, WWDC 2010 will, however, be a surprise guest for a major new version of Safari web browser which should pass the fifth. New Safari 5 should offer several new features, including what amounts to a new feed reader.

Improvements includes the cached pages and prefetching DNS (looking for links to a page) for a better time to load pages from the address bar with search titles pages of history and favorites. Note also an option to choose the search engine Bing (in addition to Google and Yahoo!).

Safari 5 should provide thehardware acceleration for Windows to take advantage of the graphics processor for multimedia viewing. The race for speed enforcement JavaScript should always be current with a speed increased by 25%.

Another open secret, a step in the quest support HTML5 with a dozen new features including geolocation, drag and drop or full screen for video. The surprise announcement would obviously support WebM/VP8, but unlikely. Recently, Apple has posted on its official website a section dedicated to HTML5.

The confirmation or otherwise of the release of Safari 5 is a matter of a few hours. If so, it is said that a final version is immediately available, but a beta version. Meanwhile and for you to upgrade the capabilities of Safari, you can always visit our devoted to test Safari 4.0 (version 4.0.5 is currently available).


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