Webahn announces Capzule PHR personal health records App for iPad

Webahn, Inc. today announced that Capzule PHR, the first personal health records
App for iPad, is now available on the App Store. Capzule PHR is a universal app
that lets iPhone and iPod touch users install it as well.

Capzule PHR is also the first PHR on iPhone platform that offers full editing
capability from a PC over Wi-Fi, including uploading files, via a web browser.
Its Share feature allows data transfer between iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
devices, making it easier to copy data to a family member’s device, to an
upgraded device, or replicate in multiple devices. The most unique aspect of
Capzule PHR is the ability for users to create their own personal sets of
customizable health monitoring templates to record variations in health
conditions, progress of health goals, and other observations.

"Capzule PHR is a perfect fit for anyone who needs a simple and complete
personal health records solution," said Vinu Nair,
CEO of Webahn, Inc. "Personal health record is an essential app that everyone
should have and we’re thrilled to release Capzule PHR as a universal app in
order to make it available to a wider user base."

Capzule PHR helps users record ones own personal and family medical
information. This includes family, social, and medical history, medications,
vaccinations and immunizations. Helping patients record allergies, conditions,
and relevant data such as height, weight, blood pressure and pulse in one place
offers a better path to care since all medical data may be stored in one secure
location, and is available to review immediately when speaking with one’s

Capzule PHR is now available on the App Store for $5.99.

Webahn, Inc. is a privately-held company incorporated in
Michigan. The company has been providing clinical
documentation solutions since 2000, first with OvernightScribe.com which is used
by clinics throughout the nation, as well as Michigan State
HealthTeam and Henry Ford Health Systems. Capzule EMR
(capzule.com) was later launched with the goal to provide affordable electronic
medical records to solo and small practices and is now serving clinics


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