Bing integrates Twitter and Facebook Search Results, Fan Pages

Microsoft today launched the Beta "Bing Social" website, a new service to search among the articles published on Twitter and Facebook. Bing therefore turned to index these social networks, in succession to Google, which has already deployed this feature in late February. If Google only indexes the articles and public profiles from Facebook (pages), Bing in the meanwhile will index those personal profiles as well.

That means the sign of the protection of privacy is reassuring, Bing returns the popular links shared by members of Facebook, and only those who have been with "everyone" for privacy setting. Nothing is published, no names or any personal text.

The articles on Twitter published by authors are clear and easily identifiable, unless of course that their profiles are "protected". The research was also chirp available since October 2009 through to an independent.

Bing Social Service presents hot topics for the moment in a sidebar, and allows course to launch a search with any keyword. It is already available in beta at this address, and should evolve rapidly over the preliminary phase.


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