uBreakiFix Confirms To Repair iPhone 4

With the announcement of the iPhone 4 this week, uBreakiFix readies itself to repair the newest Apple device. uBreakiFix has earned a national reputation repairing the previous models of the iPhone, and the company will begin repairing the iPhone 4 as soon as necessary.

Though the iPhone 4 is arguably the sleekest, most powerful iPhone yet, it may also be the most fragile. On June 7, Apple President Steve Jobs announced the many new features and hardware changes comprising the iPhone 4. One of the most substantial changes on the iPhone 4 is that both the front and the back of the new iPhone are glass. Though this accentuates the graceful design of the iPhone 4, it also makes the phone more fragile. Fortunately, one local iPhone repair company in Jacksonville, Florida is preparing to repair the device as early as its June 24 retail debut.

uBreakiFix has been anticipating the announcement of the iPhone 4 for weeks. uBreakiFix began stocking up on iPhone 4 replacement glass in May 2010–making it the first iPhone repair company in the country to carry the glass.

"We realize that this is a revolutionary device, and we want to be prepared for the June 24 arrival of the product" continues Reiff. "If you have any iPhone 4 issues once you purchase the new device be sure to contact uBreakiFix."

Stop by the new uBreakiFix Repair location in Jacksonville Florida which opens Monday June 14th anytime between 10AM-7PM Monday-Friday or 10AM-5PM on Saturday. To contact the Jacksonville repair location please call (904) 642-2980 or email Jax@uBreakiFix.com. Visit www.uBreakiFix.com for more information. The Jacksonville Repair Location can be found at 9823 Tapestry Park Circle Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32246.


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