Google removes the Background Image of its customizable homepage

The American search engine was made available in France with the possibility to personalize Google’s homepage. Everyone could then choose the photo of your choice for your home page. Otherwise, the system displays photos in the background suggested with a series of images of beauty that was diversely appreciated. The system that was to last an entire day has held that now.

Google has finally bow to critics of Internet users. Not only on Twitter, but also in your comments or some Blogs, Complaints against this system are evident. The firm has even cracked an update statement on its blog, explaining that a tutorial should be provided for this launch. Unfortunately, a bug prevented the link to appear.

However, a priority, hence the idea of a good feeling because it was the service of customizing the home page of Google with the ability to post personal photos taken from a hard drive or hosted on Picasa. If the feature exists, the window, now, quickly disappeared.


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