Opera 7.50 Preview 6

Opera 7.50 Preview 6 for Windows is available for download. As usual, discuss the new version in opera.beta and in the my.opera.com Beta Testing forum. Please do not distribute the download link directly, but link to the post in opera.beta or in the my.opera.com Beta Testing forum.

Due to the experimental nature of this release, upgrading a previous Opera installation is not recommended. If you’d like to test your mail from a previous release, do the following:

1) Delete the Mail directory in your new installation directory (i.e. C:Program FilesOpera75Mail)
2) Copy your entire Mail directory from your previous installation to your new installation directory

Not following these steps may result in loss of mail!

Release notes:
– The installer no longer tries to force installation in a new directory, so be careful where you’re installing
– Due to all the recent changes in toolbar customization, we’ve bumped the toolbar version. All old toolbar customization files will no longer work

News source: Opera Forums
Download: From Opera Beta Site


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