Kaspersky offers Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

The editor Kaspersky Security 2011 offers grinds its protection solutions for PCs.

Kaspersky has just announced the new versions of two key software in its range of security, namely Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 with the menu, improvements and new features.

Regarding functionality, the publisher announced as follows:

  • Real-time protection against all cyber threats of the Internet. prevents all malware, known or unknown to infect your computer.
  • Continuous protection of your digital identity. The intelligence of
    the anti-phishing associated with virtual keyboard complete protection
    of your digital identity when shopping online, your bank or your
    dealings on social networks.
  • Parental Control rich with new features. The parental control
    features can block or limit access to Internet applications and
    protecting your children during their Internet sessions.
  • Application Control prevents malware from damaging your system. Each
    program accesses the system after an automatic risk assessment based on
    technology ‘in-the-cloud’ of Kaspersky Lab.
  • Execution in protected environment of applications and websites.
    This option allows you to run programs and websites suspects in an
    isolated environment where they will be unable to damage your system if
    they are malicious.
  • Dedicated tools for treating infections most complex. The
    installation CD can also be used as a backup disk to restore the system
    if necessary. Once you’ve downloaded your software Kaspersky Lab, you
    can create your own backup disk.

While at the level of news are:

  • Safe Browsing. By enabling this option, your navigation will not be
    exposed to malicious websites. The regular updates and automatic
    antivirus database you are guaranteed a safe browsing; undesirable web
    sites are automatically blocked.
  • Easy-Access Desktop gadget. Check in at a glance the status of the
    protection of your PC and easily access your favorite settings!
  • The surveillance system records and analyzes all suspicious activity
    and allows you to backtrack on malicious activity. The heuristics
    monitors, restricts and blocks programs whose behavior is preventing you
  • Execution in protected environment provides additional security for
    online banking and other activities where digital identity is subject to
    high risk.

Rates are $59.95 inclusive for Internet Security suite 2011 and $39.95 for Antivirus 2011 (PC, one-year license).

Note that you can
test the software by downloading the trial version from here for 30 days. To
purchase products directly, please here.


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