iVdopia and Jumptap announces Pre-App Video Mobile Advertising Solution

The largest video and rich media mobile advertising network provides
Jumptap, the leading independent mobile ad network, with pre-app video

iVdopia, the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network,
and Jumptap have announced a partnership in which iVdopia will provide
Jumptap with a pre-app video mobile advertising solution.

The pairing teams up two significant players at a time when competition
is building in the mobile advertising field: iVdopia, which has
introduced numerous innovations, from pre-app video to the new Future5
HTML5 ad-authoring technology; and Jumptap, the network that offers the
broadest range of advertising solutions, including search, display and
rich media, video and in-app advertising from a single platform.

"iVdopia’s proprietary technology is reshaping advertising on mobile,"
said Chhavi Upadhyay, iVdopia Chief Operating Officer. "As the mobile
space continues to heat up, establishing a partnership between iVdopia
and Jumptap puts both of our companies in a winning position. iVdopia’s
innovations enable users to enjoy the most engaging and powerful mobile
advertising available. Providing pre-app interstitials to Jumptap allows
an even larger audience to experience one of the more revolutionary
breakthroughs in mobile advertising."

"The addition of pre-app interstitial videos from iVdopia is yet another
example of our commitment to deliver the most engaging experiences to
mobile consumers," said Paran Johar, CMO of Jumptap. "Our video ad
solutions – like all of our mobile ad solutions – are powered by
consumer intelligence, which delivers the highest ROI for advertisers
and better yields for app developers."

Smart phone use played the largest role in the increase of mobile video,
which increased by 57 percent, to 17.6 million people, year over year,
according to a 2010 Nielsen report. U.S. consumers watch an average of
nearly four hours of video on mobile phones every month, positioning
mobile advertising as the next major advertising frontier.

In March 2009, iVdopia, which now has more than 100 million monthly
mobile video impressions, was the first company to introduce pre-app
mobile video ads that let users stay within the application. With a
legacy of mobile video innovation, iVdopia launched the first social
media ads for mobile with Talk2Me, introduced the first high-def ads on
the iPad, and more recently introduced the Future5, which makes
Flash-like mobile ads possible with a revolutionary, easy-to-use HTML5
ad-authoring technology.

"Connecting with the ever-expanding mobile audience is so key,
especially with more than 60 million Americans using such devices, and
the numbers are demonstrating that video is the most effective means of
doing this," said Saurabh Bhatia, iVdopia co-founder and Chief Business
Officer. "iVdopia and Jumptap together can serve an even larger audience
that has come to expect the eye-popping visuals and engaging clips that
are becoming commonplace in mobile video and rich media advertising."


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