Dell Partners With OnLive Inc To Power OnLive Game Service

  • OnLive has made a major deployment of custom-engineered Dell
    servers for the initial rollout of its new cloud-gaming service on June
  • It is one of the largest installations of
    GPU-powered servers to date.
  • Dell Data Center
    Solutions designed servers to allow OnLive to quickly and efficiently
    scale with service and subscriber growth.

Dell today announced that it is working
closely with OnLive Inc.,
a pioneer of on-demand, instant-play video games, to power the OnLive
Game Service, which launches on June 17. Dell Data Center Solutions
(DCS) has been helping OnLive for several years to custom-design
servers tailored for the OnLive platform, allowing OnLive to quickly
scale with the growth of its customer base, starting from what is
already one of the largest GPU-powered server deployments to date .

a startup, it can be challenging to access the resources needed to
produce and quickly scale computing infrastructure,” said Steve Perlman,
Founder and CEO of OnLive. “Dell has been an outstanding partner,
working closely with our engineers to design servers to our exact
specifications and business needs, incorporating patented and
patent-pending OnLive technology. Dell has the expertise and mechanisms
in place that enable us to quickly ramp up to a mass-market scale for
the delivery of the hottest games instantly through the Internet to
gamers anywhere on a PC, Mac, TV and other devices.”

preparation for the launch of the OnLive Game Service at the 2010 E3 Expo,
OnLive has been rapidly installing the customized Dell servers in its
data centers. A DCS team worked directly with OnLive to design a unique,
ultra-dense and power efficient infrastructure solution that would
allow OnLive to scale quickly while driving down total cost of
ownership. The resulting servers were designed around OnLive’s
proprietary hardware and software, and were engineered specifically to
address the complex challenges of instant access to HD-quality video
games and other high-performance applications over the Internet.

the DCS supply chain and fulfillment expertise, Dell delivers the
servers rack-integrated and ready to be hooked up and powered up the
same day they arrive at an OnLive data center. Dell will continue to
work closely with OnLive on new infrastructure designs for future
generations of the service.

in the hyperscale data center segment like OnLive demand a different
approach to infrastructure design and delivery, one that is customized
and collaborative, and focused on dramatically reduced total cost of
ownership,” said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager of
server platforms, Dell. “Dell is proud to be working with a truly
innovative company like OnLive to design and produce the infrastructure
solutions that will help OnLive grow its business and bring this
breakthrough service to gamers worldwide.”

Solutions for Cloud Gaming

The Dell Data
Center Solutions (DCS) team has been custom-designing infrastructure
solutions for the world’s leading cloud service providers and hyperscale
data center operators for the past three years. With a client roster
including some of the most heavily trafficked Internet sites and several
of the top global search engines, Dell has deep expertise about the
specialized needs of organizations in HPC, Web 2.0, gaming, social
networking, energy, SaaS, plus public and private cloud builders.


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