Resident Evil: Revelations images displayed in E3 2010

Very little information on Resident Evil apparently is exclusive to the
Nintendo 3DS, except that Claire and Chris Redfield should be the party
and the cinematics of the game undoubtedly display quality is very

E3 2010 will close its doors soon, not without us having watered at
the ads of all kinds, including those concerning the development of Resident
Evil: Revelations Nintendo 3DS.

A number of tech demos were
presented during the show, but what is that particular title, all
pictures that we could see we did showed that kinematics. Beautiful GMF,
however, that little has been revealed.

Resident Evil:
Revelations will be a real game complete with certainly in the lead
roles Claire Redfield and her brother, Chris, version bodybuilder.

To play under a parasol

At present, we really do not
know the game genre or mode of representation will be chosen. A shoulder
to the way of Resident Evil 4/5, or a return to basics with 3D
characters, progressing in fixed sets in 2D?

One thing is
(almost) sure is that this episode will reveal some dark secrets.




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