WordPress 3.0 Released, Adding Multi-User and Streamlined User Interface

The new version of CMS for blogs brings a new topic, new types of posts for more flexibility while simplifying the interface, customization and writing.

The new version of the most popular CMS dedicated to blogs is finally here. Long awaited by the community, WordPress 3.0 is the result of six months of work by 218 contributors and brings a large batch of news.

It remains broadly consistent with the themes and extensions of the 2.x generation.

This new version merges single user versions and multi-user (which creates platforms like WordPress.com). Each installation can host several blogs.

There is also a function to create new types of posts. In addition to articles and static pages, it is now possible to create lists of contacts, employees or products that each post will be a factor.

Wordpress is attempting to free itself from its simple role of blogging platform, as extensions that had done before, including buddypress which turns social networking. It also comes with enhanced support of taxonomy (the classification of elements by labels), as are the categories of posts, tags and categories of links.

Many minor improvements

The new default theme Twenty Ten highlights the new headers, menus and customizable background images, in addition to images of items introduced in version 2.9. Opportunities previously available through third-party extensions.

The administration interface is streamlined to focus on writing and has help menus on every page. It also includes the creation of short links to social networks (including Twitter) directly when writing an article.

Security point of view, the "admin" account is created automatically at installation is over. The administrator chooses now with identifying what he connects.

CMS finally adopts a system of unified update system, its extensions and themes. It is designed to stop breaking element of CMS on error, unlike the manual updates of older versions.

Version 3.1 does not start

The designers explain in the blog "The growth of the community we cut the breath, including more than 10.3 million downloads of version 2.9. But the bulk of our efforts focused on the core software, which does not leave us much time to rest."

The next three months will be devoted to the ecosystem WordPress, namely libraries themes and Extensions, Documentation (the Codex), APIs, forums, profiles and all other ancillary services.

Even if it was downloaded over 250,000 times in one day, it is best to wait several weeks to install this major update. Bugs and other problems are still legion in the arrival of a new version of the CMS.


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