Google Chrome 6.0 promises synchronization of extensions

Synchronization is promised to move up a grade in dealing with
Google Chrome extensions.

The next version 6.0 continues to be developed. In channel for
developers, An update was released yesterday. It carries the
version number Google Chrome 6.0.437.1 for Windows and Linux, and
Mac OS X. 6.0.437.2, a preliminary version truly suffers from
instability, so much so that a break is marked in the publications, the
time to conduct an investigation on the occurrence of several crashes.

that for the development of Google Chrome that runs a basic open source
Chromium, regular updates are available to developers ( Developer Channel ). Another channel is reserved
for beta versions that may better suit the common user testing.

instability of the latest development version of Google Chrome 6.0 is
linked to a novelty that has been announced: the beginning of the
implementation of a synchronization extension ". This will enable
Google Chrome to go beyond what it currently provides in this area,
namely the time for synchronizing bookmarks, preferences, themes on
every computer where the browser is present.

The next step is the
synchronization … of Extensions. For now, it is not enabled by
default and must be added the command "- enable-sync-extensions" to
launch Google Chrome 6.0. This possibility was anticipated by many users
and will allow them while logged into their Google account, to have the
same extensions on all their computers.


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