GoogleCL, A command line tool for Google Web Services

Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa and Youtube now support tasks, basic, via command line, thanks to GoogleCL , a new open source tool from Google.

Snags in the command line will probably be thrilled, others are unlikely to pay attention to Google’s latest announcement, namely GoogleCL.

Proposed under Apache License 2.0, Python, GoogleCL is a utility to perform various tasks in command line on some Google services.

Thanks to the library gdata -python, followers of the console (Linux, Windows and Mac) now have the ability to type commands to perform various actions in Blogger, Calendar, Contact, Docs, Picasa and Youtube.

As explained by Google on its blog this utility allows to post such a post on his blog hosted by Blogger, adding an event in Calendar or simply editing or viewing documents in Google Docs, all without resorting to the GUI.

The online directory of Picasa photo can be done with the command "$ google picasa create – title "My album " ~ / Pictures / vacation / *. jpg .

According to the website, GoogleCL features ("Command line tools for the Google Data APIs") are currently limited . However, developments should soon extend the functional scope of the utility. Gmail and Google also bear Buzz also with the command line.


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