Sony Computer Entertainment shows of Dead Nation images

Sony Computer Entertainment offers a trio of images of Dead Nation,
the next beat’em all sauce Left 4 Dead.

Following the revival of the zombie movies in recent years, several game
developers have jumped on. While titles such as Resident Evil
beyond the trend, other licenses such as Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead
or House of the Dead abuse openly retro trend.

At market
level dematerialized gamers undead have been served by the very
convincing Zombie Apocalypse last year. It will now count on a
new challenger to the sweet name of Dead Nation. Entrusted to the
studio Housemarque (Super Stardust HD), the title will indulge
in the joys of the extermination of batteries zombies that break through
the streets of a town on the edge of chaos. Playable solo Dead
Nation will participate in two parts in cooperation with local or

Dead Nation will be published this year on the
PlayStation Network. The price and exact dates are still


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