HP confirms acquisition of Melodeo Cloud Music Service‎

HP has confirmed the acquisition of Melodoe; according to the site TechCrunch, the amount of the transaction would be between 30 and 35 million dollars. Melodeo edits nuTsie application, whereby a user can access his Streaming iTunes library from their smartphone.

The application is available on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows mobile. "We are excited about the potential of this technology to bring the power of cloud services to millions of customers," said HP.

Forthcoming included in WebOS ?

At the announcement of Palm takeover, there were many estimated analysts that HP would absolutely provide comprehensive services to give themselves a chance to succeed in the mobility market. nuTsie is one of the first pieces of this ecosystem.

HP has not yet clarified its strategy on the acquisition, whether nuTsie continue to exist as such and will be fully integrated into future products under another name.

"Although it is premature for us to disclose specific plans regarding Melodeo, we expect this technology to deliver digital content across multiple devices and platforms, summarizes a spokeswoman for HP.


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