Google Chrome integrates Flash Player 10.1

Google has now made a new stable version of its Internet browser, providing the majority of users, certain new features that were previously tested by a minority. The latest version of Chrome 5.0.375.86 numbered, marked especially the integration of Adobe Flash Player.

This standalone version of the plugin was already built but not yet activated as standard. This integration has the advantage for the user to provide updates for maintaining this component. This will be maintained and updated automatically through the system to update Google Chrome transparent, by providing new features but also and especially in the guarding and security holes over water.

This integration is done for the product because of a recent partnership between Google and Adobe. This is to integrate the technologies of the first software of the second. Flash Player 10.1 is, now, so integrated into the browser chrome desktop, but it was also recently integerated in its mobile smartphone Android version 2.2 only.


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