Samsung Electronics launches SP-F10M RGB LED Data Projector

Eco-friendly SP-F10M dramatically reduces total cost of
ownership and provides bright and vivid picture quality

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced the launch and
availability of the world’s first RGB LED data projector with 1,000 ANSI
lumens. With no lamp to replace, the SP-F10M has an LED light source
that promises a lifespan of 50,000 hours using Eco-mode, and
significantly reduces the hassle, environmental impact, and total cost
of ownership. The LED light source also maintains its brightness over
the most of life of the projector, with greater color intensity and
range than any LED projector currently available.

Conventional projectors need to have their lamps replaced after
3,000 hours of use, but the SP-F10M has an LED light that lasts 50,000
hours in Eco-mode, giving it a 17 time longer lifespan than conventional
projectors. The greater color intensity and wide color gamut allows for
a more flexible projector, which can be used on a blackboard or green
board, in addition to white boards and screens, thereby opening it up to
the education, government and corporate marketplaces.

Eliminating the conventional halogen bulb, which contains mercury
filaments, dramatically reduces the negative environmental effects
associated with their disposal. These disposal costs also contribute to
the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a projector during its lifetime.

The reduced decibel level and power consumption and power-up time
provided by the LED light source also add to the appeal of the SP-F10M

“At Samsung, we pride ourselves on creating cutting edge products
that are environmentally friendly, make user’s lives easier and reduce
TCO,” said JinHwan Kim, Vice President of Visual Display Business at
Samsung Electronics. “The SP-F10M is another great example of our
product innovation in the projector market, offering considerable
brightness and a color intensity advantage over other projectors.”

Samsung continues to craft innovative products designed to perform
at the highest levels, and the projector line is no exception. Through
the embedded file viewer users can open various files including PDF,
TXT, HTML, MPEG and Microsoft Office. This allows for presentations to
be viewed using only a USB memory stick. The SP-F10M’s instant on/off
functionality enables the projector to turn on and off in just three
seconds after pushing the power button.

With the Remote Control function, you can remotely control power,
volume, input changes and navigate and select files. Diagnostic
information such as how long the printer has been running, temperature
level and errors can be remotely monitored and controlled in real time.
Additionally, the Dust Filter Free internal circulating air flow
function saves money and time by improving maintenance efficiency.

SP-F10M Key Specs

  • Unparalleled brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens from LED-based
    data projector
  • LED light source rated at 50,000 hours of life in Eco-mode
  • XGA (1024×768) native resolution
  • Image size ranging 40-300 inches
  • USB port with PC-free File Viewer, allowing presentation of
    Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents in their native file format.
  • HDMI input, along with PC connectivity
  • RJ45(Network control), MM(Multimedia)
  • Sound 7W mono
  • 309.0 x 290.0 x 111.5 (WxDxH, mm)
  • 4.8 kg
  • Closed captioning


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