Zynga: FarmVille free download available for iPhone

Widely known through Facebook, the game Farmville of Zynga also invites himself on iPhone.

The game Farmville, edited by Zynga, is mostly known through the community network Facebook. This simulation of running a farm there is a tremendous success, and tens of millions of farmers apprentices.

But the links with Facebook, while successful, may also be sulfur, making the title thank you to change the functioning of Facebook, as was the case with the shutdown notification of game actions to contacts which led to a sharp decline in active players.

Zynga is therefore seeking other points of entry for his game Farmville and iPhone platform is an opportunity here. If it always takes a Facebook account to play, the application for iPhone Farmville allow new players to create their own farm directly from the mobile terminal.

For those who already have a virtual operation, it is possible to continue its growth by purchasing seeds or using vehicles and animals for better performance.


Farmville is available for free download on the App Store. Zynga even promises exclusive items on this iPhone version from the original game.


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