Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay images

It is in the news from Famitsu, Final Fantasy Versus XIII what you dare to wait. And we even entitled to a few shots of gameplay the game that seem to reveal a seductive world.

Since the Tokyo Game Show last year, we have not seen anything new about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, this title as an integral part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Project.

Announced in 2006, it has been shown that very few, whereas the other set of compilation, Final Fantasy XIIIIs already available and is now expected that Versus XIII going to take place in the same universe as FFXIII.

The first images of gameplay we have come through the Japan’s Famitsu magazine, which also took the opportunity to release some information about the software itself.

Another XIII

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will release an atmosphere different from that of Final Fantasy XIII. We paddling in open world and allowing players to go where they want except beyond the mountains. To do this, they can use a car, which represent a very useful way of transportation to save time in exploration. The objects appearing on the road will be destructible.

We know only one thing (or two) on the fighting, is that the enemies will be visible on the go, with the exception of some who will attack them by surprise.


Released on PS3 still scheduled at a date yet undetermined.


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