White Knight Chronicles 2 exclusive on PS3

Level -5 gives us new images in- game White Knight Chronicles 2, the sequel to Dimension Online RPG exclusive to the PS3.

After a convincing first episode in its concept, but marred by a sometimes not well designed gameplay and graphics particularly dated, Level -5 is being finalized and White Knight Chronicles 2. Available in a few days in Japan, this RPG strongly oriented online attempt to boost the revenue of the first game.

The main innovation comes from the combat system that is intended as much more strategic opportunities. Indeed, the fighting will be done mainly on bases dash, blocks and other expectations in order to defeat his enemies. At the level of online mode, you can take part in the party than with single-use code that will bind to NHP. Thus, we find ourselves once again facing an operation to blow up the second hand market, since it will be necessary to buy a new access code for the following users. Finally, the owners of an advanced part of the first component can export their avatar in the new episode.

White Knight Chronicles 2 added July 8, 2010 in Japan, exclusively on PS3.


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