Samsung S Galaxy Pro Mobile Phone: Android smartphone with sliding keyboard

The mobile operator Sprint has launched its second Wimax smartphone, called "Epic Samsung 4G". This variant of the new WiMax smartphone called Android "Samsung S Galaxy Pro", released by the announcement, then completes the "HTC Evo 4G" network operator in the fourth generation.

The Samsung S Galaxy Pro is, as its name indicates, a variant of the Galaxy and S inherits the main features. Although this appendix can attract many amateur mobile, the suffix " Pro" actually marks the addition of a sliding physical keyboard. The device still retains a fine honorable dimensions, since it measures only 14.2 mm thick.

It boasts, however measurements consistent height and width, 124.8 x 64.6 mm, resulting from the monumental multi-touch screen displays 4-inch OLED definition WVGA. It displays an operating system Android 2.1 codenamed Lightning, whose user interface has been customized to Life Smart for sticking to the operating system home Bada.

The unit is powered by an ARM Cortex Samsung A8 Hummingbird running at 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 1 GB of ROM, expandable via a microSD card, to 16 GB standard. This equipment can play 720p HD video, and even record through the sensor to 5 megapixels backed up by a LED flash and a second front VGA sensor.

The rich wireless connectivity model Sprint is made up of a 4G compatible (10 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps in upload) , U.S. 3G (3.1 and 1.8 Mbps), Wireless N and Bluetooth 2.1. An accelerometer, a gyroscope, an electronic compass, a proximity sensor, a light sensor and a GPS will finally allow the terminal to navigate in space.

The Samsung S Galaxy Pro is available now for U.S. version with Sprint 4G and 3G version in other operators. Its price and launch date for Europe, however, are not yet known.


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