Symantec Information Management Solutions Reduces Data Storage Growth Through Deduplication And Archiving

Symantec NetBackup, Backup Exec
and Enterprise Vault receive praise from users and industry experts for
innovation and ability to solve real information management challenges

Symantec Corp. announced rapid adoption of Backup
Exec 2010 and NetBackup
7 by organizations and partners worldwide, largely due to their
need for solutions that reduce data storage growth through deduplication
and archiving. According to a recent Symantec survey, 81 percent of
respondents stated that data/storage growth was their biggest data
protection challenge.

Through integrated deduplication at the client and media server,
Backup Exec 2010 and NetBackup 7 help mid-sized and enterprise
organizations take control of information growth as this technology
eliminates redundant data and reuses existing storage resources.
Symantec’s deduplication technology also allows customers to improve
their broader infrastructure by reducing network utilization by up to 99
percent. Symantec extends storage savings by delivering the benefits
of deduplication to the archive environment with Enterprise Vault or
with the new Backup Exec Archive Option, allowing administrators to
easily consolidate data and maximize disk as archive storage for
management and resource savings. In addition, NetBackup and Backup Exec
deliver comprehensive virtual machine protection that improves backup
performance and further drives down operational costs.

“Symantec developed NetBackup 7 and Backup Exec 2010 based on
feedback provided by our end users and partners so that we could deliver
innovative solutions for our 1.5 million information management
customers. The positive accolades are a testament to the power of
deduplication and archiving when it comes to reducing storage costs.” –
Deepak Mohan, sr. vice president, Information Management Group,

Key Highlights

  • Since Backup Exec 2010 became generally available on February 1,
    Symantec has tracked more than 150,000 licensed installations at
    customer sites worldwide. This adoption rate is attributed to
    organizations’ need for a simplified data protection solution that
    integrates deduplication and archiving technology and provides improved
    virtual machine protection
  • Backup Exec 2010 won the Best of Tech•Ed 2010 award in the backup
    and recovery category by Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro and SQL Server
    Magazine at the Microsoft Tech•Ed 2010 North America Conference on June
    9, 2010
  • NetBackup 7 has been adopted faster than previous versions. More
    than 500 customers and partners participated in the early adopter
    program and Symantec has tracked more than 10,000 downloads to date
  • According to a Symantec survey of 247 NetBackup 7 early adopters, 93
    percent would recommend NetBackup to other customers
  • Since January 2009, Enterprise
    Vault added 5,000 new archiving and e-discovery customers, totaling
    15,000 customers globally
  • Symantec rated "Strong Positive" in Gartner’s 2009 MarketScope for
    E-Discovery Software Product Vendors

Customer/Partner Testimonials

  • "Vitality Consulting understands the benefits from the new
    deduplication and virtualization capabilities in Symantec Backup Exec
    2010. As a small business provider, we restore backup images onto our
    infrastructure for a large number of clients and Backup Exec’s new
    deduplication functionality means that we only keep the data once. As a
    result, our storage infrastructure and associated utility costs shrink,
    which enables us to be very competitive financially."

    – George Ilko, Chief Technology Officer, Vitality Consulting
    Services Ltd.
  • "As virtual machines took on more business-critical roles in our two
    data centers and the number of virtual servers grew, backup and
    recovery management became more challenging. Upgrading to NetBackup 7
    provided integrated client and virtual machine protection allowing us
    to have faster, easier and less expensive VMware data protection. In
    addition, NetBackup 7 gives us the flexibility to choose between client
    or media server deduplication. Calculations lead us to believe that we
    could use client side deduplication for as much as 60 percent of our
    data, resulting in faster backups, significantly less network usage, and
    less storage consumption."

    – Peter Jakobs, Manager, Data Protection and Storage, Elsag
  • "CMT participated in Symantec’s early adopter program for NetBackup
    7, which unites critical data protection capabilities such as
    deduplication, advanced virtual machine backup, snapshots, and
    replication—all through a single console. This unique integration will
    give our customers far greater control of their information
    infrastructure, which translates into reduced total cost of ownership in
    terms of improved storage efficiency, greater infrastructure
    utilization, and faster recovery times."

    – Kurt Klein, president and CEO, CMT
  • "We have received great interest in NetBackup 7 from our customers,
    and we are excited about how comprehensive it is in resolving backup
    issues. NetBackup 7’s simplified deployment, flexible restore options,
    overall efficiency and the ability to reduce storage capacity
    requirements for backups are just a few reasons we recommend this
    solution to our customers."

    – Jonna Murnick, director of marketing, Consonus
  • "We decided to switch to Symantec from our previous archiving and
    e-discovery vendor since Symantec Enterprise Vault allowed us to conduct
    faster searches and reduce Microsoft Exchange data stores."

    – Fabio Catassi, Chief Technology Officer, Mediterranean Shipping


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