MSI Introduces Fuzion Series Mainboards for Intel and AMD Platforms

MSI’s Big Bang-Fuzion the first mainboard in the industry to feature
Fuzion Technology, has received universal praise in the media since its
release and has been a hot topic on the internet. Celebrated mainboard
and graphics card manufacturer MSI today introduces its mainstream
Fuzion Series mainboards; the P55A Fuzion for the Intel platform and
870A Fuzion for the AMD platform. The boards feature the same
integration of military class materials. Additionally, the 870A Fuzion
is the first AMD platform board capable of simultaneously operating dual
NVIDIA graphics cards; an industry first, and a testament to MSI’s
strength in research and development.

Fuzion Technology: Conquer Your Enemy with

Allowing users to experience the performance
upgrade and convenience of multiple graphics cards, MSI Fuzion series
mainboards come with Lucidlogix’s Lucid LT22102 processor and exclusive
graphics card Fuzion Technology that enables parallel processing of
multiple cross-brand, asymmetrical GPUs. In A-Mode and N-Mode, when
coupled with dual PCI-E ×16 Gen2 expansion slots, they provide parallel
operating capabilities for any two ATI or two NVIDIA graphics cards,
while still supporting ATI’s or NVIDIA’s own unique technologies,
letting you effortlessly enjoy the sensation of accelerated gaming!

In addition, with the exclusive X-Mode, you can buy any brand or
class of new graphics card to do multi-GPU processing with the existing
graphics card in your PC to get higher performance with lower cost. It
will be more economic and green than just buy a new high-end graphic
card and throw away the old one. At the same time, it can take the
primary graphics card as the benchmark (the graphics card installed in
the first PCI-E x 16 expansion slot) and support exclusive NVIDIA or ATI
technologies while possessing multiple display output capabilities, so
you can play games and study strategy guides at the same time—or, during
an online battle, discuss tactics with your teammates and vanquish your
enemies that much easier!

Military Class components for Shocking
Performance and Stability

MSI Fuzion series mainboards utilize military class components,
including the 3 main specialized components Hi-c CAP, Solid CAP, and Icy
Choke. In CPU power supply modules, Hi-c CAP is the primary component
widely used in notebooks and servers that must endure extended periods
of use and severe operating environments to provide even higher power
supply efficiency and lower operating temperatures. A flat exterior is
advantageous for gamers who want to install their favorite CPU cooler,
taking temperature reduction a step further while enhancing overclocking
The 8+2 phase DrMOS power supply module design uses MSI’s current
DrMOS for even higher unit power supply efficiency to shatter the
misconception that ‘multi-phase power supply is better’. Fuzion series
mainboards all feature one 6-pin VGA power supply connector, which
compared to the 24-pin power supply input of average graphics cards, is
capable of providing up to 70% additional power. Even with two high-end
graphics cards, you can still significantly enhance overclocking
performance and operating stability—a vital design requirement for high-end mainboards.

OC Genie: Overclocking Made Even Easier

MSI P55A Fuzion and 870A Fuzion mainboards also feature the exclusive
OC Genie 1 Second Overclocking Technology. With just one press of the OC
Genie button on the mainboard, the automatic optimization of CPU, RAM,
and chipset frequency and voltage settings begins. The P55A Fuzion
supports the Intel Unlocked series processor, which can initiate MSI’s
exclusive Super Unlock technology, allowing overclocking clock rates to
reach an astonishing 4GHz! Performance of the 870A Fuzion can be
enhanced by up to 148% by simultaneously activating its core unlock
function! For newbie gamers, these easy to activate performance
enhancements are definitely the most intuitive and practical functions.

USB3.0 & SATA 6 GB/s: Ultra High-speed
Transfer Bandwidth

The MSI P55A Fuzion and 870A Fuzion mainboards both come with the
latest USB3.0 and SATA 6 GB/s transfer standards. Compared to the
480Mbps provided by traditional USB2.0, the all-new USB3.0’s 5GB/s
offers 10 times the transfer bandwidth. Transferring a Blu-ray movie
takes less than one minute with the USB3.0 interface and with MSI’s
pioneering introduction of a chassis with a front panel USB3.0 port,
using an external USB 3.0 device is even more convenient. Furthermore,
the SATA 6 GB/s not only provides double the bandwidth of traditional
SATA 3GB/s, but also increases data transfer speeds, in line with the
current trends for high-speed external storage devices.

MSI’s Fuzion series mainboards not only offer the most stable power
supply capabilities and outstanding performance; the exclusive graphics
card Fuzion Technology allows for more diverse choices when upgrading a
graphics card. With an intuitive overclocking design and complete
peripheral expansion capabilities, it is the number one choice for
buyers looking for flexible graphics card upgradability.




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