New Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2 version of Ubuntu 10.10 is now available for download

The second of three Alpha versions of Ubuntu 10.10 is online.

Code named Maverick Meerkat, the next version 10.10 Linux distribution Ubuntu is currently under development. A second Alpha just been published. A third of its kind is scheduled before a first beta on 2 September 2010. The paper then provides a way of Release Candidate on September 30, the final version is expected in October 10. Early October and late October not to be traditionally, a new challenge for developers.

The Alpha 2 version of Ubuntu for 10.10 to a base Linux kernel 2.6.35-6.7 (based on 2.6.35 -rc3). It is announced with new security enhancements including the level of ptrace. By default, only son process can be tracked with ptrace.

With the alternate CD or Ubuntu Server 10.10, the file system Btrfs can be used during installation. Btrfs is primarily leased to the compression support, snapshots, sub -volumes. However, it will wait a while before the experimental not btrfs replaces the default aging Ext4.

The Ubuntu Alpha 2 offer 10.10 GNOME desktop environment in developing its version 2.31, that is to say, the future version 3.0. Canonical already announced GNOME Shell, the new composition window manager for the office, will not be selected by default.

For this Alpha 2, the Softpedia site has primarily been changes at the management center software. Blog Web Upd8, for its part, noted the arrival of a new applet for sound management and has published several catches netbook version of Ubuntu that should experience the greatest change with Environmental Unity.

Download Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2.


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