CodeWeavers offers free download of CrossOver 9 Professional for Mac and Linux

CodeWeavers will offer a full day devoted to free download licenses its solution CrossOver 9 Professional for Mac and Linux.

With open source project based on Wine, CrossOver is a proprietary solution from the company CodeWeavers to run Mac OS X and GNU/Linux applications and some games planned for Windows (no need to have a copy of the Microsoft OS). This solution provides particularly compared to Wine, a support of Mac OS X most advanced, a graphical interface, better integration with the desktop environment and ease of use.

The Version 9 of CrossOver is available since last March. It was charged $46 as a standard edition and $80 in Pro edition which includes CrossOver Games. Among the officially supported applications, the Office 2007 suite but list does not stop there.

From Tuesday, July 6 from 0:00 to 0:00, CodeWeavers launched a major "operation comfort". A gentle attention, however, will benefit not only to lovers of football, and also does not fully console probably the latter. CodeWeavers will thus propose to free download licenses of CrossOver 9.0 Professional for Mac and Linux.

The only announced conditions to take advantage of this offer is to visit the site


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