Samsung Introduces Eco-Friendly LED Monitors

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the number one worldwide brand for
display products, is continuing to evolve LED monitor technology by
offering environmentally-friendly monitors with better viewing angles
and eye-catching designs with the release of its 50 and 30 series LED

Before developing its latest LED monitors, Samsung consumers
identified three key areas that would benefit consumer needs –
eco-friendliness, design and viewing experience. Samsung addressed these
mandates in the following ways:

– Eco-friendly LED backlight: The 50 and 30 series LED monitors
highlight Samsung’s commitment to putting the PlanetFirst. Unlike
conventional monitors, LED-backlit displays contain few or no
environmentally hazardous substances, such as mercury or lead, and use
about 40 percent less energy. Samsung’s Touch of Color (ToC) technology
doesn’t use paints, sprays or glues, ensuring they contain no Volatile
Organic Compounds (VOCs), making recycling simpler and safer.

Samsung’s Magic Eco feature allows users to adjust a monitor’s
brightness based on different energy consumption levels with four preset
energy-saving options to choose from: 100 percent, 75 percent, 50
percent, and Power-Saving Off. Additionally, the 50 and 30 series
monitors meet international energy standards including Energy Star 5.0
and China’s Energy Level 1 grade (50 series), proving themselves
eco-friendly products.

– Sleek and slim design: Both the 50 and 30 series introducenew,
sleek designs that set them apart from previous design trends. Both have
adopted Samsung’s trademark ToC technology, reducing monitor thickness
dramatically. The 50 series employs a Charcoal gray ToC design, a stand
with a chrome finish and a delicate wave back-pattern. The 30 series
differentiates itself with its Mystic Brown ToC design, a color not
commonly found in conventional monitors, which is reminiscent of rich,
handcrafted chocolate. These products truly deliver on Samsung’s design
philosophy that consumer electronics should resemble pieces of art that
help tie a room together.

– The most comfortable viewing experience: Samsung’s new 50 and 30
series LED monitors support Samsung’s proprietary Magic Angle feature to
reduce eye strain and ensure that images are centered when viewed from
any angle. This eliminates distortion and provides the best viewing
angle whether standing, sitting, or even lying down. Consumers can also
enjoy vivid, dynamic images thanks to the Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio,
ultra-fast response time of 2ms, FHD resolution, and a 16:9 aspect

Also unique to the 50 series is a new feature called Magic Return.
When users are working with two monitors, Magic Return automatically
moves content from a screen that is abruptly turned off to the screen
that is still on, enabling content to be accessed even if one of the
monitors gets disconnected, or shuts off.

“Samsung’s 50 and 30 LED monitors illustrate our commitment to
releasing top-of-the-line products that are environmentally-friendly and
address the needs of consumers,” said Jin-hwan Kim, Vice President,
Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “Through our continuous
monitor innovations, we expect the 50 and 30 series of LED monitors will
strengthen our leadership in the global LED monitor market.”


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