Twitter Will Also Get Into Commerce 2.0 with Earlybird

Opened by Twitter yesterday, this new account EarlyBird will broadcast special offers of limited duration and previews offered by advertising partners.

After advertisements related search results and Sponsored subjects tend, Twitter expands its business model from a new source of income. This account @ EarlyBird on which advertisers (brands, retailers) will offer special rates for short -term promotions in limited quantities and other good shots.

Twitter should be remunerated by charging these ads and / or by charging a percentage on sales.

The account came into service last night at midnight and does not offer any offers yet. It works the same way as a conventional Twitter account, namely that we must subscribe to receive updates that can then be rebroadcast (retweet) to their contacts.

Geotagging Integrated EarlyBird

In message, Twitter confirms that the LBS will most likely be added to EarlyBird so that subscribers can receive offers related to their geographical position. For now, the ads will come from international partners and will focus on the United States. Twitter also indicates that studying the creation of offers by category (music, travel, fashion …).

This new business tool should meet with success. We recall that Dell said he won $ 6.5 million through its various promotions on Twitter.


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