DataMills EdgeSafe PST2PST Backup prevents compromising Microsoft Outlook data

– DataMills EdgeSafe Helps Enterprises by Providing Software for Consistent Outlook Backup

EdgeSafe PST2PST Backup enables any company to prevent compromising data and allows for using Microsoft Outlook the way it was meant to be used. It provides a transparent and consistent backup onto a central network location. DataMills’ EdgeSafe not only backs up local Outlook data files (PST files) that are used in conjunction with Exchange Server, but also PST files that are connected to hosted email servers over POP3 connection.

With more than 600 million Outlook business users worldwide, Outlook is considered to be the most widely-used critical business application. In many cases, Outlook-generated email and other items constitute more than 50% of any organization’s data volume.

Due to inherent complications in backing up Outlook data, most organizations unwillingly compromise their data integrity. In such cases, data is not backed up at all or attempts of data backup are executed in an error-prone, time wasting, unsystematic manner. Some even use Outlook in a way that it is not supported by Microsoft.

EdgeSafe PST2PST Backup allows a backup to run transparently without user intervention. It enables significant timesaving for system administrators since it can be centrally deployed and configured, and also allows for easy access to detailed backup reports.

"EdgeSafe also saves time for Outlook users since they do not have to close Outlook while the backup is running. Network bandwidth is saved, as our solution only synchronizes the new Outlook items to the backup file instead of copying the entire file over and over again," explained Yoram Barzilai, CEO of DataMills. "More than 95% of the required backup storage space can therefore be saved when access to previously backed-up versions is needed."

"Since EdgeSafe PST Backup can backup to a network share, it creates a secure backup folder for each user in a way that no other user, except for the system administrator, can access," he added. "As for restore, this can easily be done by either the system administrator or as a ‘self service restore’ by the user if thus allowed by the enterprise."

EdgeSafe has control station software, EdgeSafe Control Station, which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000/3/8 servers, and a backup agent, EdgeSafe PST2PST Backup, which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 2007 workstations supporting Outlook 2000/3/7 and will soon be released for Outlook 2010 32 and 64 bit.


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