Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring is available for download

The latest version of the Linux distribution includes the latest versions of Gnome and KDE, a navigation system semantics and a new media center.

Following the announcement of new European ambitions of Mandriva, the Linux distribution unveils its latest version. Used by 3.5 million people according to the editor, it offers rejuvenate updating tools.

The Smart Desktop is thus emerging. It aims to simplify navigation in documents (photos, videos, emails …) by their labeling and marking.

The Elisa Media Center changes its name and becomes Moovida. This new version supports "all new format" and allows audio, video, DVD and photo management.

Better ergonomics, but the themes dating

As for other news, note the encryption in one click, extended to parental control applications and simplified management of network profiles.

Mandriva also promises improved speed and ergonomics reworked. This version offers these new versions of two desktop environments – GNOME (2.30.1) and KDE (4.4.3).

Too bad though, the theme has not been worked over, to return to the level of competition (Ubuntu .. ) that concentrates its efforts on many graphics.

This version 2010 Spring is available in three versions. The first two, free (fully open source) and One (Live CD) are free. The declination Powerpack (codecs, proprietary software support) is available from 49 euros. It can be downloaded from here, also read the Release Notes.


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