Gmail: Google is finally launching signatures enriched

A (very ) small step for Gmail, a big step for the internet! Google’s webmail has finally got a signature function in rich text. From Google’s own admission, this basic function was one of the oldest and most recurrent feature suggestions.

The heading "signature" of Gmail webmail settings now offers the same toolbar as window email composition. It thereby jumble text format, create hyperlinks, or add advanced image … what! However, it took up to now use a Greasemonkey script, an extension of its Internet browser or bypassed the recorded response to fill this gap.

In addition, the webmail can now associate a different signature for each email sender address associated with your account.

These functions are being deployed and are now reserved for webmail completely. They will automatically appear in due time, it is not necessary to activate a function of the "Lab" as it is directly official. They are not yet available from the mobile interface of the webmail in particular.

Next step: replace the labels with folders (and subfolders)?


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