DrChrono Announces iPad EMR App 1.5 Capable Of Building Macros And Customizable SOAP Notes

DrChrono.com, the premier
publisher of dynamic point-of-care and practice management software, recently
announced version 1.5 of its world-renowned iPad EMR app, featuring the ability to build macros and
customizable SOAP notes.

DrChrono.com and its iPad EMR app have been featured in local, national and
international news outlets, including theWall Street Journal, Newsday, The Health Care Blog, NPR and Asahi TV. To date, it has
more than 2,000 downloads from the iTunes store, and is among the Top 10 iPad medical apps.

"Customizable SOAP notes has been one of the biggest obstacles for many
health care professionals when it comes to switching to electronic medical
record software," commented Michael Nusimow, CEO
and Co-Founder of DrChrono.com. "The macro feature saves doctors time by
reducing the amount of typing needed during an exam."

unveiled the world’s first and only native EMR app for the Apple iPad on April 24 at the Health 2.0 Conference in Jacksonville, FL. The landmark debut marked the first
native software for EMR on the iPad, as well as the first app to offer SOAP

"Doctors can use our online portal to create macro buttons that
appear in SOAP note screen," said DrChrono.com COO and Co-Founder Daniel Kivatinos. A macro simulates keystrokes, allowing
doctors to enter predetermined data and text with the press of a button. "They
can create an unlimited number of buttons, and can add, edit or delete their
macros at any time."

A tutorial video can be seen here.

The feature, according to Kivatinos, lays
the foundation to address a larger problem in the industry. "Many doctors tell
us that they struggle to figure out how to bill certain kinds of visits and
treatments," he said. "As such, we intend to build a social network-style
interactive community into DrChrono.com’s online portal that will allow
physicians to share knowledge about how to document cases and treatments, as
well as how to more effectively bill insurance companies, or anything else that
they may want to discuss with colleagues around the U.S."


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