Create your own mobile applications for Android with Google’s App Inventor

App Inventor is a
new tool in Google Labs that makes it easy for anyone—programmers and
non-programmers, professionals and students—to create mobile
applications for Android-powered devices.

For many people, their mobile
phone—and access to the Internet—is always within reach. App Inventor
for Android gives everyone, regardless of programming experience, the
opportunity to control and reshape their communication experience. Google have
observed people take pride in becoming creators of mobile technology
and not just consumers of it.

For the past year, they have been testing
App Inventor in classrooms around the United States, and finally found
that it opens up the world of computer programming to students in new
and powerful ways. David Wolber, professor of computer science at the
University of San Francisco and part of the initial pilot program, says
“students traditionally intimidated by technology are motivated and
excited to program with App Inventor.” One student from Professor
Wolber’s class told: “I used to think that no one could program
except CS people. Now, I’ve made dozens of applications for the Android
phone!” Another student, who struggles with dyslexia, was inspired by
App Inventor to take more computer science classes and is now learning
Python. Check out the
video to hear more about App Inventor for Android at University of
San Francisco.


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