IPMG Publishing Introduces Tic Tac Math iPad Apps

IPMG Publishing’s new Tic Tac Math game iPad Apps chosen for Apple’s ‘New and Noteworthy’ and ‘What’s Hot’ featured sections in iTunes App Store four consecutive weeks.

As any App Developer knows, the opportunity to spend one week in a featured section of Apple’s App store in iTunes is both an honor and an opportunity. Being featured means rising above the many thousands of apps available in Apple’s iTunes App Store. How an app gets featured is a mystery. When a company’s app gets featured four weeks in a row, it’s a bit like winning the lottery. Tic Tac Math Universal first appeared in "New and Noteworthy" on June 17th, followed by Tic Tac Math Fractions the next week and finally Tic Tac Math Fractions has been in the "What’s Hot" section the past two weeks.

In April of this year, IPMG Publishing introduced its first math game App optimized for the new iPad, Tic Tac Math Universal, to Apple’s iTunes App Store. Tic Tac Math Universal represented IPMG’s first step in the transition of its broad library of math games and activities from print to interactive. IPMG Publishing’s President, Joel Gaslin, said this: "It’s an honor to have a successful company like Apple validate the quality of IPMG’s games by featuring them in the iTunes App Store. By featuring IPMG’s apps, this increase in exposure and revenue provides fuel for IPMG to accelerate the timetable for the transition of our proprietary math games and activities to multi platform, interactive math applications. Market data shows that apps help to connect math with kids growing-up in the mobile, digital age. Couple this with Apple’s creative mobile device designs and the opportunities for people learning math are really unprecedented."

There are currently more than 225,000 apps available in the iTunes App store with more than 5 billion total downloads through June of 2010.  Apple does not sell placement within iTunes so it is a “survival of the fittest” sort of environment.  During the development of Tic Tac Math Universal and Fractions, IPMG’s goal was to create an app that utilized the increased screen size and functionality of the iPad and still worked well on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  In addition, IPMG’s strategy was to develop an App that was familiar to kids, had increasing levels of difficulty to support learning and was fun to play.  The math learning concepts brought out in the Tic Tac Math Apps, including Universal, Fractions and the soon to be released Algebra and Trilogy are considered by math educators to be essential to the foundation of math learning.  The idea for these Apps came from the book Tic Tac Math available in print from IPMG Publishing.  It had been a good seller and seemed to lend itself to interactivity.  The success of the Tic Tac Math family of apps serves as an important milestone in the growth of IPMG Publishing.  Importantly, the Tic Tac Math apps demonstrates the organization’s ability to execute its strategy of transitioning a broad math content base from print to interactive, multi platform applications.


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