Gmail’s HTML5 features and enhancements are also now with Safari 5

The latest HTML5 features in Gmail and enhancements of supported browser platform with Google Chrome or Firefox, are now also available with Safari 5.

In recent months, Google has added to his webmail several new features based on HTML5 that each time have been announced supported by Google Chrome and Firefox. In, for example, the case of drag attachments.

Since the open window of the explorer or the desktop, the user can select the files it wants to join a message with the mouse, drag them into the Gmail interface. One possibility through the use of HTML5 API is it can drag and drop to a local remote web page. A second similar feature allows you to drag an image into the body of a message in order to engage it.

A third feature of Gmail on the browser platform, and only supported by Google Chrome launch, allows for it to continue to work with popup when writing a message (link located at the far right of the delete button) while the main window was closed.

All Gmail features are now new to all three browsers Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6 and Apple Safari Version 5.


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