AMD will introduce two new Athlon X4 II processors

AMD is preparing the introduction of two new quad-core processors, one focusing on energy and the other moderate performance.

In addition to the launch of two dual core Athlon X2 II 265 and quad – core Athlon X4 II 645 as told in a previous AMD news prepares him of two others.

Known for Athlon II X4 615th, the first model is a quad-core AM3 socket, clocked at the frequency of 2.5GHz, equipped with 512 KB of cache second level by core and displaying a TDP of 45 Watts.

Responding on behalf of Athlon X4 650, the second model is a quad-core compatible with socket AM3, working at the 3.2GHz frequency provided with 512 KB of L2 cache and announcing a core of TDP 95 Watts.

Etched in 45 nanometers and to be coupled to the memory DDR3, these processors will arrive by end of with prices already known for the second and located around $125.


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