CompactFlash 5.1 promised to have 167 MB/s transfer rate

The next CompactFlash memory cards promise to be much faster with 5.1 specifications announcing a maximum transfer rate of 167 Mb/s.

The format of memory cards CompactFlash, which is used to expand the storage capacity of a digital camera or digital camcorder, but also to add a barcode scanner or a Bluetooth adapter to a PDA, has to evolve over the coming months.

After posting 5.0 specifications in the month of February, the CompactFlash Association, which is responsible for the development and promotion of this standard, has announced it will release of 5.1 specifications by the end of the year.

And the major change made by them not least because it is a higher speed transfer of authority to spend from 32 to 167 Mb/s, which is significant for relatively large data such as video.

There is also discussion of improvements to the erasure of data for reuse of the card, the data are organized so as not to affect performance and operation in extreme temperatures.

It remains to await the formalization and compatible memory cards.


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