Pearl Unviels LMX-5005: 5000 DPI Laser Mouse for Gamers

Responding on behalf of LMX-5005, this mouse 12.5 centimeters long, 7.5 centimeters wide and 4.3 centimeters thick was designed for right handed users.

It connects to a USB port on your computer via a cable 1.35 meters long and features a laser sensor for a sensitivity of 1200, 2400 or 5000 dpi, which is indicated by an indicator light and adjustable the fly through a dedicated button.

It has eight buttons, counting the wheel, took advantage of a slip-resistant coating to ensure a good grip and incorporates a system of four weights to vary the overall weight between 122 and 157 grams and thus greater precision.

This mouse is displayed on gamer 29.90 euros on the German site of Pearl.



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