Russian pirate DVD factories reported on government sites

This is rather shocking. the Russian Interior Ministry was quoted in the Times of London Thursday claiming Russian pirates have some top secret manufacturing facilities producing millions of counterfeit DVD’s on Russian military and government sites.


Russian police have had little success in clamping down on the factories, which churn out an estimated 250 million discs a year, of which 90 percent are pirated, The Times said.
Industry experts say that of the 42 factories known to be producing bootleg films, music and software, at least 12 are on restricted government or military sites, many in or around Moscow, the paper said.
U.S. officials said the Russian copyright pirates had cost U.S. companies $1.7 billion last year and more than $6 billion in the past five years.

Well, this is a bit of a problem for Hollywood and makes Johnny in the parents basement with BitTorrent seem like a fly on the elephants rump! Maybe it’s time that anti-piracy advocate Senator Orrin Hatch pays a visit over there and performs a little undercover work and put a stop to this illegal activity!


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