Oracle Releases Sun Ray Software 5

News Facts

  • Demonstrating its commitment to provide a comprehensive
    desktop virtualization portfolio, Oracle announced the latest Sun Ray Software 5 update.
  • Sun Ray Software 5 is a secure, cost-effective solution
    that delivers a rich virtual desktop experience to customers using Oracle’s Sun
    Ray Clients or traditional PCs.
  • New features include support for Oracle
    Enterprise Linux, an enhanced virtual desktop client, and a Sun Ray
    connector for VMware View 4.
  • The new features offer increased efficiency, broader
    support for heterogeneous environments, improved ease-of-use, enhanced user
    experience and help lower total cost of ownership.
  • The Sun Ray Software 5 update is the latest enhancement
    to Oracle’s virtualization portfolio; the industry’s most complete
    desktop-to-datacenter virtualization.
  • With Oracle
    virtualization, customers can efficiently and easily virtualize and manage
    their full software and hardware stack, from applications to disk.
  • The Sun Ray Software 5 update can be downloaded at: Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

Administrators and End Users Benefit from Broader Support of Heterogeneous
Environments, Greater Efficiency, Access and Ease-of-Use

  • Sun Ray Software 5 provides a comprehensive Oracle-based
    virtualization solution that easily integrates with popular third-party
    technologies like Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and VMware View.
  • This broad support for heterogeneous environments is
    unique to Oracle’s desktop virtualization solutions and offers customers
    enhanced flexibility and investment protection.
  • New features in the Sun Ray Software 5 update
  • Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux – enables
    customers to choose among Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise
    Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as their server platform to deploy Sun Ray
  • Enhanced virtual desktop client – installs on existing
    PCs and allows them to be used as an alternative to a dedicated Sun Ray Client
    device. This enables organizations to quickly experience many of the benefits of
    the Sun Ray solution, using their existing desktops. New in this release is
    support for Mac OS X computers, in addition to existing support for Windows XP,
    Windows Vista, and Windows 7;
  • Greater mobility – with the enhanced virtual desktop
    client, customers can now use smart card readers on supported PCs to “hotdesk”
    desktop sessions between PCs and dedicated Sun Ray Clients. “Hotdesking” allows
    users instant access to their desktop sessions simply by inserting a smart card
    into a Sun Ray Client or a PC with a smart card reader;
  • Sun Ray connector for VMware View 4 – allows Sun Ray
    Clients to be used as a client with the VMware View 4 virtual desktop
    infrastructure product;
  • Enhanced multimedia with bidirectional audio
    capabilities – improves the user experience with Windows applications.

Supporting Quote

  • "The latest updates to Oracle’s Sun Ray Software 5
    demonstrate Oracle’s continued commitment to deliver comprehensive, integrated
    and cost-effective virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter,”
    said Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Linux and Virtualization Engineering,
    Oracle. “The new features and enhancements, including the breadth of support for
    heterogeneous environments, enable customers to easily manage and streamline
    their virtual infrastructure – providing greater security and access, while
    reducing costs.”


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