Apple iPhone 4 facing the problem of antennas

An engineer specializing in antennas have already warned last year the direction of a possible Apple reception problems on the iPhone while a mobile operator would have worried about this concern before the launch of the terminal on last June 24.

So that Apple will hold a Friday press conference exceptional to speak about the iPhone 4 and its potential reception problems in cell signaling, Bloomberg suggests that management had been warned of the possible interest from the last year.

A person whose information site did not give the identity, Ruben Caballero, an engineer specializing in the antenna patterns and working for Apple would have warned management in 2009 decided that the technology choice to house the antenna the iPhone in the slices of the device could induce reception problems and lead to dropped calls.

In addition, another source Bloomberg said that a mobile operator partner of Apple was concerned about the possibility of reception problems associated with the new dish even before the launch of the iPhone last four June 24.

Many assumptions, few facts

To recap, the new terminal of Apple Opens new type of antenna. Typically, it is housed within the terminal but the group decided to Cupertino to deport on the slices to gain internal space.

But the fact of holding the camera with his left hand and make contact at the bottom left separation between the two antennas of the smartphone because in some cases a loss of cellular signal quality.

For Apple, this was mostly due to the fact that the indicator shows incorrect information, which denies the association after Consumer Reports tested three different models. The conference on Friday will perhaps help more.

The management of Apple was she aware of possible problems before marketing approval from the terminal and she chose not to change anything you do not miss its launch window, or believing that the concern was not sufficiently serious to cause correction (recall that all iPhone 4 appear unaffected by this problem of signal reception)?

If this were the case, this would give grist for collective action in the United States against Apple on this subject.


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