Bing final version released in Japan

Internationally, the Microsoft search engine is slow to take off its beta label. A shift towards a final version that has just taken place in the land of the Rising Sun.

With the final version of the search engine, Bing, Microsoft is now reserved for only a small number of countries that are thereby entitled to features that are not found in the beta proposed. Recently, Bing has received such an update in summer reserved for its U.S. version and also final since its launch in June 2009.

The final version of Bing is currently confirmed in the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom. This week, a new launch of final version was unveiled and it relates to Japan. Microsoft hopes that Bing will become a competitor in the field of web search in the Land of the Rising Sun. According to statistics StatCounter, the challenge is enormous because there Bing is currently credited as a market share of 2.2%.

For the U.S., a market more favorable to Bing, comScore released its figures this week of the month of June. Bing and Yahoo! Recorded a rise (+ 0.6) to reach respectively 12.7% and 18.9% market share. Google has gone down 1.1 points to 62.6%.

However, be careful the next release of comScore, the methodology will be modified. The firm said that both Bing and Yahoo! enjoyed a resurgence in June, mainly through the inclusion of contextual search (successive refinements proposed to the user).


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