Taito Corporation presents Space Invaders HD on iPad

Gamers will be pleased to learn mythical availability of Space Invaders HD, Taito Corporation edited by on iPad tablet.

The famous Space Invaders is back in its original form (or almost) on iPad tablet with the title Space Invaders HD, edited by Taito Corporation, a subsidiary of Square Enix. This is the 1978 edition, which appeared on arcade which is reproduced here.

We therefore find the equivalent of playing time suitable for display of Touch Tablet from Apple and adaptations taking advantage of the accelerometer or a control slide. The sounds and graphics are faithful to the original, with its hordes of aliens, the UFO upper and attack Nagoya, while it will be possible to change the wallpaper.

Space Invaders HD also includes a two-player mode which incorporates the table mode that could be found in some bars, with the conquest of the highest score. Finally, in the form of bonus materials associated with the development of the game of 1978 are present.

Nostalgic (and others) will enjoy the charm of Space Invaders HD on the App Store at a price of $499.


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