Fujitsu Introduces Multi-Input Touch Panel

Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. has expanded its touch panel product range by releasing the multi-input resistive touch panel. The new touch panel is able to detect simultaneous input actions; finger and stylus action can be performed at the same time.

often operated with the help of a touch panel. As the requirements on the touch panel market extends to multiple and simultaneous input actions, Fujitsu developed the multi-input resistive touch panel.

Fujitsu’s resistive multi-input panels can process single-tap and multi-touch input from nearly any object using varying pressure – e.g., a heavy gloved finger, credit card edge, standard pens, a light finger touch, etc. This capability results in accurate, stylus-handwriting input and enables two-finger manipulation, including pinch, push, rotate and scroll functionality (to zoom or rotate pictures). Both finger and stylus action can be performed simultaneously.

Fujitsu’s resistive multi-input panels are lightweight and offer excellent performance in a variety of operating environments. They feature low power consumption, high resolution, high accuracy and register finger or stylus input even when wet. Fujitsu will start offering customized panels in sizes from 5.6- to 12.1-inch.

Controller boards, ICs with USB interface and Windows 7 drivers are readily available to facilitate panel integration. Fujitsu Components is the first manufacturer to obtain Windows 7 logo certification for a resistive multi-input touch panel.

For more information about the Fujitsu multiinput touch panel please contact Fujitsu at



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