jME Version 0.9 Released

It’s been a long time coming, but jME (jMonkey Engine) version 0.9 has been released. This “maintenance” release has gone a long ways towards alleviating memory issues. While no major functionality was added, the core API has been greatly optimized and enhanced, allowing for a cleaner, faster and better overall engine.

The following enhancements and changes have occurred:

-Memory Improvements! Reduced memory by over half, some cases 80%.
*Removal of duplicate geometry data
*Cleaning up of BoundingVolumes
*Optimization of RenderStates.
-Debugger class allowing for a central place to do test renderings (Boundings and Normals).
-Addition of the JMECanvas allowing AWT integration into Java components.
-SharedNode and SharedMesh have been added, allowing scene data to be used multiple times in a scene.
-Cleaning of the API
*Better fallbacks for lower end cards.
*Mac improvements
*Renderer is now an abstract class, allowing generalized code to move into
its common methods.
*Spatials and BoundingVolumes now have a type, allowing the user to determine the subclass without requiring use of instanceof.
*Removal of unsupported packages (UI and Widget)
*Fixed Transparency issues.
*Multiple frustum plane camera.
*Many bug fixes.


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