HP helps clients to migrate to Red Hat open source platform

HP and Red Hat Inc., the world’s leading
provider of open source solutions, today announced joint consulting
services to help clients more effectively migrate to a Red Hat open
source platform on an HP infrastructure.

Migration to an HP and Red Hat solution based on
industry-standard servers and open source software can significantly
lower total cost of ownership compared to older distributed application

The transition from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables
clients to leverage industry-standard servers in order to reduce
operating costs and increase flexibility. Clients migrating from legacy
SPARC/Solaris environments to open source and industry-standard
alternatives can significantly increase systems performance while
lowering operating expenses.

As the leading providers of Linux server and storage solutions,
together HP and Red Hat offer expert capabilities that help clients
identify a migration path from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As
part of the joint consulting services,
HP Technology
and Red Hat collaborate to design an HP-based
infrastructure plan that takes advantage of Red Hat’s expertise in Linux
and virtualization to meet a client’s long-term growth needs. Clients
benefit from an efficient migration from Solaris-based platforms to the
HP ProLiant
, including a reduced time to implementation.

“Clients need to increase the performance of their systems to
remain flexible for future growth,” said Arthur Filip, vice president,
Consulting, Technology Services, HP. “Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP’s
converged infrastructure, enabled by a complete portfolio of support and
consulting services, provides clients a more efficient
industry-standard and open source environment.”

“As Red Hat aligns and integrates its strategic migration
planning and methodology for Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with
HP’s migration services and assessments, customers can feel confident
that they are moving to a lower-cost converged infrastructure,” said
Iain Gray, vice president, Global Services, Red Hat. “While making this
transition, customers are offered the peace of mind of transitioning
their systems with expertise from technology leaders Red Hat and HP.”

HP and Red Hat deliver services to support growth, increase

The HP and Red Hat services are part of the holistic
HP Migration Center, which offers the people,
processes, tools and best practices needed to help clients successfully
migrate to an HP infrastructure.

HP Migration Center provides focused support for integrating Red
Hat technologies into multivendor environments. These collaborative
services are supported by migration expertise that can help reduce total
cost of ownership by up to 50 percent compared to the support,
maintenance, operation and replacement expenses accrued on legacy

  • HP-Red Hat Migration and Planning Service mitigates risk, reduces
    cost of change and improves efficiencies by helping clients transition
    from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise
    Virtualization on HP ProLiant servers.
  • HP-Red Hat Virtualization Planning Service increases security and
    enhances scalability, creating a better platform for expansion through
    the virtualization of server-hosting mission-critical applications with
    performance levels designed to exceed that of the client’s legacy

HP and Red Hat deliver support, education and consulting services to
address the needs of chief information officers looking to migrate from
Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in order to eliminate the
limitations that arise when using proprietary technology. With HP and
Red Hat, clients are provided a single point of accountability for
hardware and support across the technology life cycle. Clients also
benefit from increased performance through virtualizing HP ProLiant
servers with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization software.

Pricing and availability

The HP-Red Hat Migration and Planning Service as well as the
HP-Red Hat Virtualization Planning Service are currently available in
the United States and are expected to be introduced worldwide by the end
of next year. Pricing varies based on deployment.

Financial Services
, the company’s leasing and life cycle asset
management services division, offers clients migrating to HP a wide
range of
flexible financing solutions, including
sale-leaseback services. The
HP Financial Solution Analysis enables enterprise
clients to better understand how to gain maximum value from their
technology investments.


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