Grupo Iusacell Launches MOTOROI SmartPhones For Mobile Internet

A superior Iusacell network, high
definition display and multifunctions satisfy the most demanding users

Grupo Iusacell, the first provider of wireless cellular
third generation services in Mexico
with a national footprint, announced that it has successfully launched
the MOTOROI handset as an exclusive product in Mexico.
The MOTOROI optimizes mobile Internet with the most complete Web
browsing and free access to Google applications, including Google Maps,
Gmail and You Tube access.

MOTOROI has a full HTML
browser, which helps visualize web pages as they appear on a personal
computer, with a fast data processor and Flash applications
through the high-speed Iusacell network. With MOTOROI, users can combine
multiple e-mail accounts and receive them in a single inbox, integrate
work and personal agendas, and access the Global Address Book that
facilitates contact with colleagues and friends.

The new Motorola
handset offers features for the most demanding users, including easy
access to voice services and the ability to organize and consolidate
personal information through the superior network of Iusacell.

MOTOROI increases
productivity, is fun and easy to use, and is only available in Mexico through Iusacell.


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