Fujitsu accomplishes nil Office-Waste Emissions in Japan

Confidential and ordinary wastepaper, industrial waste products effectively reused.

Fujitsu today announced that all of the 371 offices the Fujitsu Group operates in Japan have achieved zero landfill and incinerator waste resulting from the disposal of confidential and ordinary wastepaper and industrial waste products. This is the largest zero office-waste project in Japan.

As part of Stage V of the Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program, which covered fiscal years 2007 through 2009, the Fujitsu Group set itself the goal of reducing emissions of office waste to zero. One of the hurdles in attaining this goal was small-lot recycling of wastepaper from offices. In March 2009, the company addressed this issue by setting up Japan’s first nationwide paper recycling system, which took in all wastepaper, both confidential and ordinary, for recycling.

By applying this program, Fujitsu was able to achieve zero emissions in all of the 371 Fujitsu Group offices in Japan, taking in confidential and ordinary wastepaper along with industrial waste, and has achieved the goal of zero emissions of waste products.

Under the category of industrial waste products, Fujitsu processes decommissioned office equipment through its own recycling centers. Other waste products are handled by contractors with established recycling processes, which combine to bring industrial-waste emissions to zero.



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