ViaSat Unveils High Definition Video ISR System

EnerLinksIII digital data link now includes integral H.264 compression for multiple video feeds

ViaSat Inc. has added the ability to transmit multiple, high definition video feeds to its EnerLinksIII full-duplex digital data links product line. Now with integrated H.264 compression, the High Definition EnerLinksIII Airborne Modem Transceiver (EnerLinksIII HD) can simultaneously compress and transmit one or two streams of high definition video (1080p30 or 720p60), or one to four streams of standard definition video, over a single downlink. The HD upgrade enables EnerLinksIII HD to transport the output of advanced multiple-output electro optical or infrared sensors integrated into many of today’s unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Because of its advanced compression and digital technology, EnerLinksIII HD is the industry’s most capable video ISR data link. Compliance with industry standards for data interoperability has been a key component of the EnerLinks product family. While other digital systems may transport KLV metadata using proprietary methods, the EnerLinksIII HD system can align the metadata to individual video frames in accordance with MISB Standard 0604.1. High definition video with frame-aligned metadata brings new levels of clarity and precision to the fight.

"The EnerLinksIII HD was recently flown in a military demonstration exercise," said Steve Gardner, VP and general manager at the Enerdyne division of ViaSat. "It transmitted full motion HD video to our ground system, which then distributed the video via an IP network to third party exploitation systems while the aircraft operated at a range beyond 50 nautical miles."

The ground component of the link, the EnerLinksIII Ground Modem Transceiver (GMT), outputs multiple HD or SD video streams over an IP network which can be viewed and archived with the EnerView™ viewer or third party intelligence and exploitation systems and viewers. The system operates in L-, S- or C-band and provides user-selectable transmission bit rates from 50 kbps to 11 Mbps, bandwidth efficient modulation, and AES-256 encryption.

ViaSat will provide a live demonstration of the EnerLinksIII HD system at its booth inside the AUVSI UAV Pavilion at the Farnborough International Airshow, July 19-25. The pavilion is located across from the indoor UAV demonstration area and the interactive space pavilion.

ViaSat EnerLinks products provide digital video data links for unmanned and manned airborne and other mobile platforms within the defense and intelligence industries as well as advanced technologies in digital video compression and high performance, ultra reliable RF transport.


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